I Believe In Noise – New Single – MOVMENT

Movment will release a new single, I BELIEVE IN NOISE, on EPICTRONIC, and at
movment.bandcamp.com, on 15 September 2023.

The song was recorded in End of Light Studios, Mullingar, and Grouse Lodge,
Mullingar, Ireland & mixed by Alex Borwick, and mastered by Jerome Schmitt at
The Airlab. Artwork & Photography by UVRay.

Movment are a post-punk alternative indie rock band.

I BELIEVE IN NOISE – The song is about the impact of sound, music and noise in our
body’s existence and how they affect our moods and our direction in life. It is a
feeling. We should go by what we feel. Learn from what we see and hear. It is
part of who we are. It is Power. We are obsessed with music, and find noise and
sound uplifting and spiritual. Music is a means of expressing our ideas and
thoughts It is a powerful force. It is Power. I Believe in Noise!

Martin K – Vocals, Drums
Kevin K – Guitars, Bass, Keyboards
Mark K – Bass
Isabella RK – Guitars

MOVMENT will release a new Album REINVENTION in November 2023 and it will be available from
EPICTRONIC.COM and on movment.bandcamp.com

The new single, I Believe in Noise is STREAMING on SoundCloud now