Following a break of several years, Movment have created a
collection of songs that contain all the elements of their previous
musical incarnations while still including all that is good about
modern rock music.

On one level the songs use a simple set of instruments
– Drums, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Vocals.
It also combines all the elements that make contemporary musics
fusion with technology so compelling.

Raw, intense, engaging, and real, their alternative rock influenced
sound is created with guitars, electronics, hard sounding
rhythms and experiments with sound.

Martin Kelly – Vocals, Drums
Kevin Kelly – Guitars, Bass, Keyboards

Writing and recording music is much more involved now for artists.
Movment use technology & instruments to produce their sound.
Where this leads going forward, time will tell.
The new single “Driven” and album “Broken Down” were mixed by
Darren Lawson at Miloco, London and mastered by Fluid Mastering.